Do your kids play sports?  Mine do and naturally you want to get the photo package complete with magnets and trading cards.    I received a box in the mail the other day but was really unsure of what we had ordered.  When I opened it I found the photos, magnets, and trading cards.   All flat items but packed in a folder inside a corrugated box with bubble wrap. 

Sure every parent wants to receive their children’s photos in perfect condition to share with the family and hang in a place of  honor, but this excessive packaging is completely unneeded.  A paperboard mailer (such as the Mailjacket) are great for this application.  They are strong, durable, and sturdy. They are the perfect product to deliver those precious memories to your front door in prime condition.

Additional benefits include lower shipping costs vs. a corrugated box, and Mailjackets are made with 100% recycled paper and are 100% recyclable, so the environment gets a break too.

Mailjackets are also perfect for printing so the package doubles as a great marketing tool.