PAC prides itself on quality by always aiming to exceed expectations.  Our entire company accepts the responsibility to deliver excellence, from producing quality products, to hiring the best employees, and to giving back to the communities we work in.

As consumers we are bombarded on a daily basis with numerous choices; what to eat, what to buy and how we spend our precious time.  So, it is no surprise that we rarely take time to think about the quality of the people who make the products we use.  But increasingly this has become more important to consumers, from buying local, to frequenting the neighborhood farmers markets, to seeking partnerships with businesses that support their local communities.  As consumers, we feel good about supporting companies who understand the importance of being a positive force in their communities.

PAC values community goodwill and regularly supports a variety of charities at both a local and national level.  But there is something special about the company-wide fundraiser done by our Middletown, Ohio production facilities employees.  They have formed a team called “PAC Cares” and annually they participate in a community event called “Relay for Life” sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Relay for Life is an event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise research money for the American Cancer Society. The event is enjoyed by the entire community.  Our “PAC Cares team” will give up a Saturday and Sunday to walk throughout the night, cook sliders or spin cotton candy to raise awareness and money for this cause.

But PAC employees don’t just give up a weekend and write a few checks, they involve the entire Middletown facility in several fundraising activities all year long.  Fundraisers involve putting on monthly luncheons with donated food, hosting pie sales, providing breakfast and pictures with Santa for employee’s families, organizing Easter egg hunts and pictures with the Easter bunny, bake sales and raffles.  An incredible amount of time and dedication by the Employee Committee* and companywide participation has allowed them to consistently beat fundraising goals and has earned them community recognition as well as praise from company leaders.

This peek at the quality of our employees and the dedication of management to give back to the communities we work in is one of the many reasons that our customers appreciate buying our quality products.

*Kathy Chandler, Glada Crank, Shannon Dearth, Tina Denry, Randi Estep, Paul Gassmann, Melinda Hoffman, Angie Johnson, David Michael, Rita Oneill, Ryan Rose, Bobbi Schall, Angel Scrimizzi, Angela Sherrick, Rachel Spaeth, and Shellie Switzer