Items arrive at homes and businesses daily and most of the packaging and shipping materials they come in can be recycled.

Over the years PAC Worldwide has transitioned many couriers, fulfillment houses and e-retailers into mailers and away from boxes. Boxes are recyclable, but did you know almost all of PAC’s mailers are 100% recyclable as well?

PAC makes poly bubble mailers, kraft paper bubble mailers, flat poly unpadded mailers  and rigid paperboard mailers.  All are 100% recyclable except for the kraft paper bubble mailer.

I have had customers think that by shipping in a paper bubble mailer they are doing the “Green Thing”. Actually this is a ‘comingled product’ since the bubble is laminated to paper… which is a big No Go in the recycling world.

So instead of walking to the trash can with your all plastic mailer, put it in with your plastic shopping and bread bags and bring it to your supermarket’s recycling bins.  From there it will travel off to get shredded and made into a new plastic product. It’s an easy step to reduce trash and since we all grocery shop, it’s convenient.

One of the national retailers who uses PAC for their poly bubble mailers has this printed on the back of EVERY MAILER that they ship:

“In an effort to help save the environment, we are using fewer cardboard boxes and have packed your order with pride in a recyclable bag.