In today’s ultra-competitive e-commerce markets, consumers are constantly comparing prices between multiple company websites.  E-sellers need to factor in many pricing variables.  Besides the actual cost of the goods themselves, packaging and fulfillment costs can make or break a sale.

Many of these companies are inserting their customer invoices/paperwork into adhesive backed packing list envelopes (PLE) then applying them to their specified mailers.  Besides the cost of the PLE, this process requires extra time to back load the paperwork remove the adhesive back release liner, then accurately affixing to the mailer itself.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were mailers that had a window pocket manufactured into the mailer itself?  These windows cost less than their PLE counterparts, as they do not require the adhesive or release liner.  Well, wait no more.

PAC Worldwide has engineered their manufacturing equipment to integrate these windows into their Poly Bubble mailers, Flat Poly mailers, as well as the Paper board rigid mailers.

The packaging savings received by this concept is plentiful by itself.  However, the labor savings add up very quickly as well.  Since the pocket is manufactured into the mailer themselves, the packaging process has eliminated the last two steps of removing the release liner and applying it to the mailer.  Now your packers can just load the paperwork into the integrated over-lapping pocket, and it is ready to go out the door.  This process has been proven to increase packer cycle counts by up to 50% in many cases.  Before ordering your next supply of Packing list envelopes, why not look into this method and start saving on fulfillment costs?