Reduce:  Whoever sent you Christmas presents in bubble mailers, made the first, all important move in the 3 R’s.  They REDUCED their packaging. Instead of sending you packages in boxes that are usually too big and that they have to overfill with bubble and void fill to get the proper protection, they made the wise decision to REDUCE the package size and used the proper bubble mailer instead.  You know the one – all poly and 100% recyclable.


Reuse:  Now comes the fun part. Instead of instantly recycling the bubble mailer(s), you were thinking ahead and knowing that the best football team in the world, The Seattle Seahawks, were about to go on a roll and defend their Superbowl championship, you channeled your inner Etsy. Yes, time to get creative with those bubble mailers.

bubble mailers
The bubble mailers your Christmas presents arrived in


Instead of paying $12.95 for a Foam Finger, create the Foam Finger out of a bubble mailer. 

bubble mailer foam finger
Create a Foam Finger!


Maybe you are going to the game, and need a little extra cushion, create a #12thman seat cushion. A sharpie and a JumboJacket and you are good to go!

bubble mailer seat cushion
#12thman seat cushion


Want to get really crazy? Create #12thman or #12thwoman earrings or alien ears.

bubble mailer earrings
#12thwoman earrings


Recycle:  The last of the R’s and just as important as the other 2 R’s.  But before you recycle ( your new creations, you may spend a good amount of time before and during the game on pins and needles, popping those bubble from those bubble mailers to reduce the stress.

Aren’t you glad your Christmas presents were sent to you in Bubble Mailers?