One of the objections to going with automation for ecomm fulfillment companies has been “the busy season”.  Companies not able to justify going with a system because their busy season is too short (September- December) and they are concerned the system would not get utilized to its fullest capabilities.

Based on the overwhelming success of Amazon’s Prime Day and other ecommerce retailers that are  jumping onboard with their own days

  • Newegg is calling its sale “Fantastech”
  • C. Penney is calling their sale “Penney Palooza
  • Wal-Mart is calling their sale “Dare to Compare”
  • com looks to hold some sort of promotion or sale to celebrate its 1 year anniversary, according to Internet Retailer
  • Alibaba has “Singles Day”
  • com has their Anniversary Sale

It seems to me that the “busy season” is now almost year round!

Are the roadblocks or objections you had to automation a year ago the same as they are today?  Or have you not even had time (because you are too busy)  to dust off that automation folder?

It  might be time to rethink automation for your fulfillment operation.


Infographics-Fulfillment3_Page_1Infographics-Fulfillment3_Page_2 Infographics-Fulfillment3_Page_3


Time to really weigh all of your packaging and operation needs


Can you continue to hand pack bubble mailers or is it time to speed up the process?

Are you ready to decrease or reallocate your labor?

Do you  have the space?

Could you benefit from space that will be created by going this route?

Can you afford to not look at all of the packaging options?

How are DIM weights affecting you?

How much could you save by “right sizing” your packages?

Is your current flexible packaging sustainable or green?


The busy season is here and here to stay, it would be worth your while today to rethink automation for your ecommerce packaging operation.


John Bartell