Times, they are a changin’.  Remember your local corner pharmacy?  Well with the explosive growth of direct to consumer delivery of prescription drugs, the local pharmacy may become a distant memory in the next 5-10 years.  In 2011, the pharmacy industry took in a whopping $273 billion dollars, according to the Pembroke Consulting Group.  Of that, mail-order pharmacy grew by 142% in just 2 years!  As we become more comfortable ordering our prescriptions on-line and enjoying the added convenience of doorstep delivery, chances are in the not too distant future, our “local” pharmacist may be going to work several states away, in a building with miles of conveyor belts, instead of standing behind the counter answering our questions on that annoying skin rash.  This jump in volume has forced the packaging industry to respond with state of the art sortation, packing, and labeling equipment to satisfy the demand.