Apple® marketing is pretty amazing. The “there’s an App for that” commercial, really makes you think there is an App for everything. Come to think of it with over 40,000 apps available there probably is an App for everything. Even my kids have had a taste of the Kool-Aid and say “dad, there has to be an App for that”, or “dad , can we download that app” or “DAD, WE HAVE TO DOWN LOAD THAT APP!”

So, since I am a packaging guy, I don’t make or sell apps, but that line “There’s an APP for that!” is constantly stuck in head. I have decided to twist it a little bit. My new mantra and what is stuck in my head now is, “there is a mailer for that!”. Think of how many things arrive on your doorstep in a box when they could easily be packaged in a mailer? Think of the time and money the company using boxes could save by buying into my mantra, “there is a mailer for that”?

Yes, I would say actually “there is a PAC Worldwide mailer for that, in fact, check out the site, it is pretty cool (”.

Now if I could only get the kids to drink the Kool-Aid on this one. Something tells me that will be a hard sell. Apparently packaging is not as much fun as the latest App they want to download.

If they only knew…