Okay, you made it through the end of the year rush and holiday blitz and have had a couple of days to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I hope you enjoyed the brief respite because now it is time to get back to work and figure out how you can make 2015 even more successful than 2014.

Time for a Packaging Audit

Like many, you are faced with not enough time in the day, doing more with less, and trying to save money for your organization.

Sounds like it is time for an audit, no not an IRS audit, a packaging audit from PAC Worldwide.

We have been doing this packaging thing for a long time and can give you a clear, concise, relatively pain free assessment of your current packaging and fulfillment. Are bubble mailers best for your organization, or is it time to look at an automated packaging system? How will the new DIM weights affect your shipping practices? Do I know enough about DIM weights to know how they will affect my organization? How can I increasing my branding?


So come on, dip your toe in the water, it is not that cold. Contact your local PAC representative, 1-800-535-0039 to set up an audit or to check the temperature of the water, I promise you it is worth the call.