I have been researching as of late whether or not I should pull the trigger on refinancing my home.  Based upon where interest rates are today, it is very attractive to refinance when you can shorten the life of your loan and actually REDUCE your monthly mortgage. 

The problem is apprehension always sets in if you think about signing your life away, especially after doing it a second time if refinancing.  Not to mention after all of the title fees, appraisal fees, and any other fee you can think of. One wonders if they really are getting a good deal or is this another time when the financial institutions win again.

Right now is the time to borrow money when the right opportunity comes along due to interest rates being so low.   In order to help spur the economy, there is a push to loan money to small businesses who are looking to thrive when times may not seem so prosperous. 

Any and all acquisitions to help increase your efficiencies so you can reduce your overall costs make a lot of sense, including the decision to add equipment. 

Our PACJacket system will allow you to capture a great deal of labor savings by enhancing the throughput of your operation with minimal personnel.  These labor savings could be used to accelerate the payoff of the equipment. Or use these funds to apply toward other areas of your business.