This past week many members of our team attended the PACK Expo in Las Vegas.

This is a showcase for vendors to offer packaging solutions that involve equipment, services, and products. There were 1000 exhibitors and probably close to 100,000 attendees.

Shows like this have been going on for more than 40 years. Prior to the internet being what it is today these shows were very critical, as they were the primary way for customers to be exposed to what solutions vendors are offering.

This show was well attended. These shows are very costly for exhibitors and attendees, so there must be value and payback otherwise neither group would continue to attend.

While the internet provides many solutions with having the search at your fingertips, it hasn’t eliminated the need for shows of this nature. The opportunity to get face to face with customers and vendors as well as to get tangible experience of the solutions being offered.

It probably also allows for entertainment of customers, which is far less common than it was in the past.

I would have thought that these shows would be waning but the value of live, in person experiences is still a value proposition for many people.

It was worthwhile, but my feet are still sore from so much walking.