When I get a package in the mail I am always excited!

It’s funny how the quality of package my item arrives in tells me something about the company that sent it to me.

A few weeks ago I received a book in a brown envelope that was not only hard to open but when I finally got it open, brown fuzzy stuff fell out all over the place.  The brown fuzzy stuff clean-up definitely burst my bubble of enthusiasm for the book I had received!

Then to my surprise there was another thin plastic package with a dull gray exterior sloppily melted together with a distorted form inside.  It was like Fort Knox to open – no handy tabs to pull – I had to get out my sharpest shears to break into that baby!  I’m lucky I didn’t slice a hole in my new book!

The most infamous package I have received lately was this large envelope with newspaper crunched up and stuffed around the item I ordered.  To top it off my name and address were handwritten in barely legible writing.  The return address was simply a street address, a city, state and zip code.  I took pause for a moment to wonder if I should get the bomb squad to assist me in opening it.

In each case I couldn’t help but think these vendors thought I wouldn’t care about how my item got there as long as it was on time.  For me their packaging was a lasting first impression and a statement about what they thought of me, their customer. Our PAC line of solutions could have made my lasting impression a POSITIVE impression!!