How do you keep up with your e-commerce business’ packaging demand? Further, how are you increasing output while also decreasing labor costs? It’s important to consider and act on these questions as you grow.

Many e-commerce companies hire countless employees to hand-pack mailers when they may actually be ready for the next level in packing. Rapid growth with a great product means you could be ready for a large-scale automated packaging solution, too.

Automated systems are the ultimate in packaging. Not only are they the most efficient way to fulfill orders, but they also decrease labor costs. The machine uses one employee to scan and load books, garments, electronics, accessories and more. It then creates a high-quality seal around products for greater security, and labels them for shipment, all in one automated packaging system.

A solution like PAC’s PACjacket smart machine produces 15-20 bags per minute using a protective bubble film. By comparison, a person hand-packing and sealing puts out an average of 3 bags per minute. The machine increases fulfillment efficiency by 400 to 500%.

Another imperative consideration is how much money in wasted material you are using to ship products, as well. Packaging automation ensures companies produce right-sized mailers to better control costs. Best of all, PACjacket bubble rolls are recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about the sustainability of your solution.

There are so many reasons to switch to an automated packaging system, but this solution is only a great fit for those with large scale throughput. Think you’re ready? Watch our video below on the PACjacket’s features, benefits, and capabilities, then reach out to our customer experience team for more information or visit