As a marketing professional it’s hard for me to grasp why a top retailer, or any company shipping out product, would send their customer’s order in an unattractive, hard to open, and sometimes even unprotective package. 

It not only makes the retailer look sloppy and careless, but may cost them extra money in returns for damaged product, let alone cost them a lost marketing opportunity! The package you send your product in is PRIME MARKETING REAL ESTATE people!! Take full advantage!

The package you choose to ship your product in is the very first thing your customers will see, so make it memorable (and not in a bad way).

Here are two packages I’ve received in the past few weeks. One company actually sent the product I ordered in a paper letter envelope wrapped in packaging tape!  I, of course was appalled, not only as a consumer, but as a marketing professional. The second company sent my product in a fun, fully branded mailer.

Which one would you remember?