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PAC Worldwide manufactures protective mailers and speciality packaging for the courier, e-commerce, fulfillment and distribution markets. We offer a full portoflio of branded and stock packaging with bubble lined and flat solutions.

About PAC

40 years of experience goes into every PAC mailer, so you will never have to worry about what you pack in them.


Whether you’re looking to give your product extra protection during shipment, increase your brand recognition, decrease packaging waste, decrease labor costs, increase fulfillment speed or just want to partner with an outstanding packaging manufacturer, we’ve got you covered!

PAC Mailers

PAC Mailers

Select from bubble lined, flat poly, paperboard, and recyclable mailers

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Stock sizes

Stock Sizes

Choose your perfect fit mailer here

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PAC design services

PAC Design Services

Our design service team help you create packaging that brings your brand to life, putting your brand right into your customer’s hands!

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