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Recycled Flat Poly Mailers
Polyjacket-R mailers are ultra-tough, light-weight, protective, flat poly mailers made from a durable, moisture resistant, multi-layer blend of co-extruded polyethylene film that contains up to 88% recycled content. They are constructed with a bottom fold and strong, heat sealed sides for superior bursting strength.
The pressure sensitive self-seal adhesive closure system is reliable, tamper-evident and easy to use. Polyjacket-R mailers are ideal for less fragile shipments such as clothing, soft goods, documents, parts, soft toys and pharmaceuticals.
AntiStat Release Liner
The AntiStat release liner facilitates a fast and efficient packaging process. A simple, yet effective, pressure sensitive, tamper-evident seal provides a reliable and convenient closure, keeping products safe throughout shipment.
Dual Peel and Seal
Dual Peel and Seal allows customers to reseal and reuse the original packaging, for truly hassle free returns. This is ideal for any e-commerce merchant that wants to enhance the customer experience and add value. Reusable packaging reduces waste and is more environmentally friendly.
Stock Polyjacket Mailers
Plain white Polyjacket-R mailers are available through our convenient stock products program in 11 industry-standard sizes.
Polyjacket-R Kellys
Custom Polyjacket-R Mailers
Before your customer ever sees the product, she will see the branded mailer it came in. Don’t waste that precious space! Put your brand right in your customer’s hands with custom printed poly mailers. We can print even the most complex designs with our six-color printing process. Create your custom design with our online Build-A-Mailer tool.




Xpandojacket mailers are 100% recyclable, made from #2 HDPE. Eliminate the need for corrugated boxes, air filled pillows, packaging peanuts or crumpled kraft paper and stop over packaging. Not only will you decrease DIM weight costs by downsizing to flexible mailers, but you will decrease your total carbon footprint as well. Click here for more information on the recyclability of the Xpandojacket, or use our DIM weight savings calculator to see how much you can save.
Find the right packaging solution for your business needs and create your custom mailer on a variety of our products. Our Build-a-mailer tool makes branding easy in 3 short steps.
Customize Your Mailer