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The Recyclability of PAC’s Sustainable Mailers

Since the 1950s, worldwide plastic production has increased 300 times over. From plastic jars and bottles, to packaging and toys, nearly everything we buy has some sort of plastic component. There is no doubt that plastic is a useful material. Unfortunately, plastic that ends up in landfills and waterways can remain intact for hundreds of

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OmniChannel – What You Need to Know Defining the latest revolution in the customer shopping experience.

OmniChannel.  Most of us have heard of it.  Some of us have an idea of what it means.  Few of us fully understand its importance.  So new we’re not even sure how to properly spell it (I got the red squiggly line under my spelling of it). Past: Introduction of Social Media Think back to

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Are you keeping up with the Sustainable Packaging trends of 2015?

Do you remember when the words “Green”, “Sustainable” and “Fair Trade” were simply buzzwords that carried little punch?  No one was certain what they meant, but knew they sounded progressive.  Those days are long gone.  Today, many consumers are keenly aware of a brand’s efforts, or lack thereof, to be sustainable and are voting with

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Every Day is Earth Day

It is the start of another new year.  And while all are abuzz with New Year’s Resolutions, New Goals (personal and professional), let us not forget that “Every day is Earth day!”  I know that may sound cliché and contrived, but when you think about it, sometimes the notion of sustainability and being a “better green

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Paper vs. Plastic – A Direct Comparison of Corrugated Boxes vs. Poly Bubble Mailers

As a company that manufactures plastic mailers we often get questioned on what is actually better for the environment: Poly Bubble Mailers or Corrugated Boxes. When comparing 10,000 poly bubble mailers to 10,000 comparably sized corrugated boxes… A Corrugated Box uses 23 times more energy and produces 6 times more CO2 than a Bubble Mailer.

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The New Look of Food Packaging

As a food-based manufacturer you may be looking for packaging that is not only consumer conscious but gives your brand a fresh, innovative feel. Stand-up pouches are the direction many are moving towards. They not only look great on the store shelf, but are a convenient package for the consumer, and as an added bonus

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