From the second it leaves your business to the moment it reaches your customer’s hands, each product you ship is likely to be seen by dozens of people as it crisscrosses the country on the way to its destination. Does your package stand out in that bland sea of white and brown? Do you benefit from those impressions? How does your customer feel when they arrive home and see your package on their doorstep? Do they even know who it is from before they open it? If you don’t have a good answer to any of these questions, it is time for your business to consider using custom-designed packaging.

Many business owners are interested in creating a custom package, but they just don’t know where to start. At PAC, we provide support and guidance from packaging professionals and designers. We can help design everything from simple black text to 4-color edge-to-edge graphics. Not only does PAC design and manufacture packaging for some of the world’s top brands, but we also serve hundreds of startups and small business owners with custom packaging design support.

Our custom package design services include assistance from concept to completion. Here is what you can expect when you work with PAC’s professional custom packaging design team.

1. Design consultation. Our design process starts with a consultation to determine what type of custom packaging solution you need. Our team will evaluate the size, shape and protection needs of your item and talk with you about your branding and intended audience. We will gather logos and colors that are important to your brand or concept, talk through your ideas and suggest examples of packaging solutions that have worked for other clients.

2. Your package enters design. Once our graphics team knows what you want, they will begin to work on your custom packaging design. As the design progresses, you will be provided with mock-ups, virtual samples and/or artwork proofs and asked for approval or feedback. We will continue to tweak the design until it meets your approval.

3. Design approval triggers production. When your custom package design is perfected, we will send it into production. This is when we begin manufacturing and/or printing your packaging on state-of-the-art machines with premium materials and ink. We keep a close eye on consistency and quality to be sure your packaging is top-of-the-line.

4. Your packaging arrives. Once completed, we will ship the finished product to your warehouse or business location, so it can be used immediately to impress your customers and garner hundreds or even thousands more brand impressions for your business every time you ship a product.

Don’t be lost in that sea of white and brown mailers. Impress your customers with vibrant, creative packaging that makes the first impression your brand deserves. Smart business marketers know that packaging is precious advertising space, and they take advantage of it with custom-designed packaging. Let us show you how.