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What size mailer do I need? Calculate the right PAC package size

At first glance, PAC mailers of varying sizes look like they all could fit the same product. Even physically placing an item on top of each mailer seems to ensure an easy fit. But finding the right size package is more involved than eyeing its size and shape. Did you know there is a mathematical

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Dimensional (DIM) Weights Revisited [SlideShare]

Today I’m discussing a topic that received a flurry of attention just over 6 months ago – Dimensional (DIM) weights. I know we’ve touched on the subject before, but for those of you who still have questions or have yet to evaluate how you can cut shipping costs on your current packaging, this post is

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Sustainability: Bag vs. Box Video

Take a look at the materials and energy used to manufacture 10,000 poly bubble mailers vs. 10,000 corrugated boxes. Which do you think is more sustainable?

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How to Make a Smarter Choice: Poly Bubble Mailers vs. Kraft Bubble Mailers

You ship several items of varying shapes and sizes. You know boxes are bulky and dimensional (DIM) weight costs are rising. You’ve done your research and have decided using bubble mailers, rather than slim poly mailers, will provide the extra padding and protection you’re seeking to ship your product.  Now to decide between poly bubble

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Paper vs. Plastic – A Direct Comparison of Corrugated Boxes vs. Poly Bubble Mailers

As a company that manufactures plastic mailers we often get questioned on what is actually better for the environment: Poly Bubble Mailers or Corrugated Boxes. When comparing 10,000 poly bubble mailers to 10,000 comparably sized corrugated boxes… A Corrugated Box uses 23 times more energy and produces 6 times more CO2 than a Bubble Mailer.

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Consider the shipping weight

Have you ever considered shipping weight? The couriers have. Next time you need to send a package contemplate using a poly bubble mailer or flat poly mailer (for your less fragile items). These offer superior protection yet at the lightest weight possible. Take note these are the very same products all the major couriers use.

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