For an ecommerce business, increasing brand awareness can be a tricky task. When your product lives online, your customer loses the chance to physically interact with your brand and you lose out on valuable brand impressions. Repeated exposure increases customer brand recognition and customers are more likely to repeat a purchase when they feel familiar with a brand and can recall it by memory. 

So, how does an ecommerce business gain more brand impressions? One simplway is to use the valuable space on your shipping package as a branding tool 

A well-branded shipping package will make dozens, if not hundreds, of impressions during its journey from your warehouse to your customer’s hands. It will also speak volumes in brand reinforcement when your customer receives a package that stands out and awakens an intrinsic appreciation. Don’t let that precious space on your shipping package go to waste!  

The best way to brand your shipping package is with custom printed graphics. Mailers, for instance, can be easily customized to showcase brand colors, logos, product offers, promotions, or product information. Some of the world’s top brands customize their packaging because they understand the impact of every single brand impression. 

Your shipping package is also a great place to tell your brand story.  

Are you committed to sustainable practices? Ship in recycled mailers and print recycling instructions on the package.  

Have a high energy brand that needs to stand out? Why not try a metallic mailer that screams your message.  

Recently rebranded and want to show off your new look? Custom graphics on a bright white mailer make a lasting impression.  

There are dozens of ways to use shipping packages to enhance your customer’s experience with your brand. 

PAC offers a high resolution, 6-color printing process that puts your brand in your customers’ hands. You can get started today with our Build-A-Mailer tool. Build-A-Mailer is the perfect tool for creating custom designs on poly mailers, bubble mailers, paper board mailers, or pouches. Of course, not everyone has the time or capacity to design their own custom mailer, which is why PAC also offers in-house design support. To learn more about how you can increase brand awareness and impress your customers with every product delivery, contact a PAC packaging specialist today.