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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find a full list of your products?

View our full line of products here.  

What sizes do your mailers come in?

View our variety of mailer stock sizes or contact us for custom sizing specific to your project or needs.

Are your mailers 100% recyclable?

We offer a variety of recyclable options. View our full product line here.

How is PAC committing to sustainability?

PAC is dedicated to partnering with businesses in the industry to be able to expand our reach to make a difference. Learn more about our initiatives here.

Does PAC have solutions for fulfillment?

We offer an automated solution with our the PACjacket® machine, wicket bags to increase packing speeds and a Contract Services team to provide solutions to take your business to the next level and help you achieve ambitious growth.


Where can I find pricing for your mailers?

View our pricing page to learn more.

Placing An Order

What is the minimum quantity for my custom order?

The minimum order quantity for custom printed mailers is 25,000 mailers. Contact us for your specific needs.

Am I able to customize products I order?

Yes, all of our products have customizable sizing and artwork capabilities. We also offer design services to assist you with your order or you may submit your own artwork.

Contract Packaging

What are PAC Contract Services?

PAC Contract Services helps your business bring your product to market quickly and efficiently. Our elite team of packaging professionals work with you throughout the whole process to create seamless packaging solutions that will showcase your product(s). To learn more about working with us visit PAC Contract Services.

About PAC

Where can I find a list of your customers?

We have worked with a range of national and local brands across the e-commerce, distributor, food, medical/pharmaceutical, and courier industries. We have seen impressive companies achieve success with customized solutions for their complex mailing needs. See a sampling of our clients here.

How do I get a job with PAC?

View our open positions here. PAC is proud to offer competitive benefits, employee-first company values, and we are committed to investing in the people we care about.

Where is PAC located?

Globally, we are located throughout the United States, Mexico and Malaysia. View our full list of locations here.  

Didn’t find your answer? Contact us for more information.

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