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Bubble Rolls and Sheets

Great For:

 Beauty Products
Fragile Items
Breakable Items

Features & Benefits

  • Bubble sizes range from 1/2”, 5/16”, 3/16” and 7/64” in clear, custom or branded colors.

  • Superior burst strength: Withstands pressure and mishandling, providing maximum package protection.

  • Excellent air retention: Stays inflated to provide continued protection.

  • Good tensile strength: Maintains integrity under stress to give products superior protection

  • Good clarity: Product remains highly distinguishable when packed.

  • Abrasion resistance: Provides superior surface protection, eliminating damage.

  • Available in a box: Perforated bubble is kept clean and easily dispenses out of the convenient carton

  • Available bundle widths: Bubble roll bundles come in 48”, 60” and 72” options.

  • Available with or without perforation

  • Standard slits and perforations include 6”, 12” and 24"

  • Retail length rolls available.



Approved by the How2Recycle program, Bubble Rolls are recyclable, made from #2 HDPE. PAC understands the importance of recycling and has recycled and eco-friendly products to help your business and reduce overall waste.


Local retail stores and recycling centers provide collection bins for recycling HDPE (#2) and LDPE (#4) poly and poly bubble mailers. Check locally for your region's specific regulations. Visit to locate the store nearest to you.