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Preserving your Product on the Shelf or During Transit

Whether you are looking to ship your food items or keep them fresh on the shelf, we have your perfect packaging solution.

Our cold chain packaging line is ideal for shipping food items such as prepared meals, fresh produce, chocolates, cheese, seafood and more.

PAC also offers a full line of custom shaped and custom printed pouches that perfectly protect your product and allow for a long shelf-life, making them ideal for most food and beverages.

Decrease Packaging Waste and Costs

Downsizing from bulky EPS foam coolers for your cold chain shipping to thermal box liners, mailers or rollstock drastically reduces your packaging waste and shipping costs.

Downsizing to pouches eliminates the need for cans, bottles, jugs and bulky containers. Pouches often hold more product with less packaging material and take less landfill space than rigid containers.

Food Safety is our Highest Priority

PAC’s CoolPAC Cold Chain packaging line is FDA approved for food contact. In a 36 hour thermal tests administered by a third party A2LA Accredited Environmental Test Lab the CoolPAC tested outperformed the competition. After 24 hours, the contents inside the CoolPAC were 10° colder than EPS and 15° colder than other reflective/bubble liners. Click here to view result graphs (links to test chart PDF)

PAC’s Pouchjackets are made from FDA compliant food-grade materials, ISO, HAACP and BRC certified and 3rd party quality tested for food contact materials. Special barrier films protect the product from contamination during processing and while on the shelf. Spouts and other fitments offer spill control and tamper-evidence.

Your Best Fit

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