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Lightweight Poly Bubble Mailers


Airjacket™ mailers are ultra-tough, light-weight and protective poly-bubble packaging made from a durable, moisture resistant, multi-layer blend of co-extruded polyethylene film. Available in classic white or custom printed to enhance your brand, these shipping mailers provide the ideal shipping solution for e-commerce items that need a little extra protection in transit, such as cosmetics, DVDs, books, jewelry, toys, CDs and pharmaceuticals.

Environmentally Friendly

Airjackets are 100% recyclable, made from #2 HDPE. Eliminate the need for corrugated boxes, air-filled pillows, packaging peanuts or crumpled kraft paper and stop over packaging. Not only will you decrease DIM weight costs by downsizing to mailers, but you will decrease your total carbon footprint as well. Click here for a Green Comparison of our products, or use our DIM weight savings calculator to see how much you can save.

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PAC Worldwide is proud to be a member of the How2Recycle Label Program. How2Recycle is an on-package recycling label developed by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a project of the nonprofit GreenBlue. For more information please visit :

Where to Recycle Your Bubble Mailers

Where to Recycle Your Bubble Mailers

Curbside - Each municipality has different recycling capabilities, so check with your local service to be sure they can recycle #2 and #4 plastics before dropping them in your curbside recycling container.

Grocery Stores - Any grocery store that offers plastic bag recycling will accept Airjackets. You can look up the locations in your area at

Return to PAC Worldwide - We will recycle your used mailers!

Airjacket PACzip


The PACzip™ tear strip enables the mailer to be opened easily by the recipient, without compromising its integrity or the security of its contents in transit. Check out this video to see just how easy the PACzip is.

Airjacket Dual Peel & Seal

Dual Peel and Seal

Dual Peel and Seal bubble mailers allow customers to reseal and reuse the original packaging, for truly hassle free returns. This is ideal for any e-commerce merchant that wants to enhance the customer experience and add value. Reusable packaging reduces waste and is more environmentally friendly.

Stock Poly Bubble Mailers

Plain white Airjacket mailers are available through our convenient stock products program in 11 industry-standard sizes.

Airjacket Custom Print

Custom Polyjacket Mailers

Before your customers ever sees the product, they will see the branded mailer it came in. Don’t waste that precious space! Put your brand right in your customer’s hands with custom printed  mailers. We can print even the most complex designs with our six-color printing process. Create your custom design with our online Build-A-Mailer tool.