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Join the PAC Worldwide Team!

Together we are making an impact and are protecting the products people care about. Apply online at  

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PAC Contract Services

As a global leader in the e-commerce and fulfillment industry, PAC Contract Services is the ideal strategic partner for your e-commerce and fulfillment services.  

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Increasing Fulfillment Speed for eCommerce Shipments

The world may not be spinning any faster this year, but consumers expect eCommerce businesses to act like it is. The 2-day shipping standard is now firmly embedded in our culture, and immediate gratification buys consumer loyalty more than ever before. The only way to keep up is for eCommerce businesses to invest in the

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How to Reduce Your DIM Weight to Save Big

Reducing DIM weight can mean saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your monthly shipping costs. Ignoring it can have the opposite effect.

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Reducing Labor Costs In Order Fulfillment

One of the quickest ways that ecommerce companies get in trouble with labor costs is in order fulfillment. Packaging automation machines are robots revolutionizing the way that ecommerce companies keep up with order fulfillment demands. These machines are extremely productive when compared with a human workforce.

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Plastic Makes it Possible

While plastic can be bad for the environment, paper packaging has an impact too. Plastic has an even better potential than paper to be sustainable, requiring far less energy to recycle. It just takes a bit more effort to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink how to conserve our limited resources.

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How CoolPAC Stacks Up

If you sell and ship temperature-sensitive items such as food, pharmaceuticals or beauty products you’ve probably struggled with finding the best method to protect your products during shipment. We’re here to help! Below we’ve listed a few of the most popular cold chain packaging products so you can see how they stack up against PACs

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Variables In A Single Cold Chain Shipment

One of the most challenging packaging dilemmas for many companies is shipping temperature-sensitive products. From melting or spoilage to cold shock and fat bloom, there are many ways that products are negatively affected by temperature fluctuation throughout shipment. When a company fails to use proper cold chain shipping products or methods, a product that left

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Expected Growth of the Cold Chain Market

By 2025, the cold chain packaging market is expected to reach $8.66 billion due to increased worldwide demand for perishable goods and health supplies. Some of this surge can be attributed to online food purchases, which are expected to exceed $100 billion by 2022. There will also be significant growth in cold chain packaging for

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PACJacket: Improving Process With Smart Automation

What can save space, decrease labor costs and increase fulfillment speed? The PACJacket™ High Speed On-Demand Mailer System will transform your business and leave a lasting impression with your customers. Learn more about the PACJacket smart automated packaging system with this infographic. To learn more about our PACJacket smart automated packaging system, visit  

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