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Compostable Plastic: The Breakdown

What is compostable plastic? View our latest infographic to learn more about how plastic packaging is processed after customers receive it in the mail. 

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Solving Fulfillment Challenges during COVID-19

The global pandemic presents significant opportunities and unprecedented challenges for ecommerce businesses. Contract packaging and fulfillment can be a solution for businesses that are struggling to meet demand and those that want to refocus efforts on growth.  

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What to Look for in a Strong Shipping Mailer

Does your packaging ever go POP? One big mistake made by many ecommerce businesses is choosing a shipping mailer for their products based on price, rather than price and VALUE. Afterall, that mailer is the only thing standing between your product and the outside world as it travels across the country to your customer.

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Pouch Packaging 101

We asked a packaging industry veteran to answer some common questions and help clear up details surrounding the benefits and myths of packaging in pouches. 

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How Leveraging Contract Packaging Can Reduce Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks are caused by a combination of factors including but not limited to labor force fluctuation, materials shortages, lack of warehouse space, and/or a sharp increase in demand. In an unstable market, the cause of a bottleneck may change from one week to the next or many factors may be in play at once.  

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Automated Packaging Machines Reduce COVID-19 Related Fulfillment Obstacles

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges for the ecommerce industry. Fortunately, technology can help solve them. 

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PACjacket: A Social Distanced Packing Solution

View our latest infographic to learn how our fulfillment solution allows your team to meet social distance guidelines with ease. To learn more about our PACjacket on-demand bubble mailer system visit  

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Could Outsourcing Be the Answer to Your Workflow Problems?

From marketing to sales and fulfillment, packaging problems can begin in one department and quickly affect other areas of your business. Packaging issues will arise, and they disrupt success by monopolizing energy that could be focused on business growth. Streamlining packaging and fulfillment with a knowledgeable contract packaging specialist could be the solution.

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Branded Shipping Packaging: Is It Worth It?

View our latest infographic to learn how to make your packaging a walking billboard and put your brand directly into customers’ hands.

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How to Increase Brand Awareness of your Ecommerce Business

For an ecommerce business, increasing brand awareness can be a tricky task. When your product lives online, your customer loses the chance to physically interact with your brand and you lose out on valuable brand impressions. Repeated exposure increases customer brand recognition and customers are more likely to repeat a purchase when they feel familiar with a brand and can recall

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