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We Are #PACStrong!

PAC employees have helped our communities receive needed supplies while on stay-at-home orders. Check out this video of some of the safety measures in place to keep our employees healthy! Apply online at:


Join the PAC Worldwide Team

Together we are making an impact and are protecting the products people care about. Apply online at:


PAC Contract Services

As a global leader in the e-commerce and fulfillment industry, PAC Contract Services is the ideal strategic partner for your e-commerce and fulfillment services.


Plastic Makes it Possible

While plastic can be bad for the environment, paper packaging has an impact too. Plastic has an even better potential than paper to be sustainable, requiring far less energy to recycle. It just takes a bit more effort to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink how to conserve our limited resources.

PAC Worldwide is hiring!

Welcome to PAC Worldwide, where we need YOUR talent to take us to the next level! Apply online at

Calculating the Right Sized Mailer for your Packaging Needs

At first glance, PAC mailers of varying sizes look like they all could fit the same product. Even physically placing an item on top of each mailer seems to ensure an easy fit. But finding the right size package is more involved than eyeing its size and shape. Did you know there is a mathematical equation to ensure your package fits any object every time? This logic helps you know before you order.

Dual Peel-N-Seal Feature on PAC Packaging

PAC’s Dual Peel-n-Seal makes returns easier with less waste. This eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable product feature ensures two uses with every shipment: one for intial sealing to send to customers, and one for customers to seal and return to the retailer. Make returns convenient for customers with package cost savings and hassle free returns.

Quality Metallic Mailer Technology

PAC’s metallic Airjacket mailers are rigid and tear resistant, not floppy like competitors’. Metallic mailers offer good quality, structure, and security in a variety of colors. Help your product look great, stand out and stay secure with strong side seals and more.

Adhesive Closure Technology on PAC Packaging

PAC’s adhesive closure technology ensures packages are tamper evident, and won’t lose goods or fail in shipment. Our high-quality mailers are secure with our reliable adhesive. No need for excessive sealing pressure, just press, seal and ship in seconds.

PACzip Technology on Plastic Mailers

Are you looking for an easy plastic package opening solution for customers, with a no-scissor guarantee? Our PACzip patented technology, featured on PAC’s Airjacket product line, ensures an easy zip-tear open on each package. PACzip technology is a very light perforation that will not come apart during shipment.

Tear Resistant Technology on PAC Packaging

PAC mailers are strong, puncture resistant, and keep integrity through the mail chain. Ensure your packages’ side seals stay in tact with our tear resistant technology.

Anti-Static Release Liner on PAC’s Packaging

Never allow release liners stick to packers’ clothing again. PAC’s anti-static technology enables a neater work space for repetitive liner peeling. Get more done and save time on labor with PAC mailers.

The Importance of People at PAC

PAC values our employees and is always looking for new talent. Learn more about the importance of people from Diane Toomey, Vice President of Human Resources.

PAC Worldwide CEO James Boshaw discusses PAC culture

CEO James Boshaw of company, PAC Worldwide, gives a fun and informative Q&A on what it’s like to work at PAC, as well as answers about his own life!

PAC Worldwide Mexico’s 20th Anniversary

Watch and celebrate our 20th year of manufacturing in Mexico with this video that showcases our international team and talent!

PAC Products in Action

We’ve got you covered. From clothing to shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, photo printers, parts/hardware, toys, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, PAC mailers protect your product on its way to your customer.

PACzip easy opening system

The PACzip tear strip allows mailers to be opened more easily by the recipient but does not compromise the integrity of the mailer or the security of the contents in transit.

Wicketed Mailer Side by Side Comparison

Looking for a way to speed up your fulfillment but not quite ready for automation? Check out this side by side comparison of a packer using Wicketed bags from PAC Worldwide versus a packer using traditional poly mailers.

How Many Shoeboxes Can we Ship?

Make the most of your e commerce shipments! We are able to fit multiple boxes in our #recyclable polyjacket & airjacket! Check it out!

PACjacket Smart Automated Packaging System by PAC Worldwide

See the latest installment of the PACjacket™ smart automated packaging machine series from PAC Worldwide. This video shows the innovative improvements PAC has made to the PACjacket machine, which provides customers with precise, fast, automated, packaging solution. To learn more about if the PACjacket visit


Sustainability: Bag vs. Box Video

Take a look at the materials and energy used to manufacture 10,000 poly bubble mailers vs. 10,000 corrugated boxes. Which do you think is more sustainable?