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Wholesale Recyclable Mailers


PAC understands the importance of recycling and has recycled mailers and eco-friendly mailers to help your business and reduce overall waste. Check out our full range of recyclable mailers including mailers made with up to 50% recycled content, and fully curbside recyclable paper mailers.


Ecojacket®: Paper Mailer

Fully curbside recyclable


PAC Airjacket

Airjacket®: Poly Bubble Mailer

Recyclable bubble mailers

PAC Jumbojacket

Jumbojacket®: Ultra Thick ½” Poly Bubble Mailer

Recyclable bubble mailers with 1/2″ bubbles

Flat Poly Mailers

Polyjacket®: Flat Poly Mailers

Polyjackets are recyclable flat poly mailers made with 30% recycled content

Wicketed Bags

WicketPac™: Flat poly mailers that fit wicket stands

Recyclable poly mailers, made with 50% recycled content

Paperboard Mailers

Mailjacket®: Rigid Paperboard Mailers

100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled paper – 70% of which is post-consumer recycled

Thermal Packaging

CoolPAC flat mailer

Coolpac®: Insulated Mailers

Recyclable insulated bubble mailers, box liners and rolls