From marketing to sales and fulfillment, packaging problems can begin in one department and quickly affect other areas of your business. Packaging issues will arise, and they disrupt success by monopolizing energy that could be focused on business growth. Streamlining packaging and fulfillment with a knowledgeable contract packaging specialist could be the solution.

Should you outsource your packaging? Maybe. Contract packaging can be the ideal solution for businesses both big and small. For a smaller business, with more sporadic work orders, outsourcing can provide a variable cost. Rather than having people on the payroll to handle that business, you can operate with a more streamlined staff, and when the orders come in, outsourcing gets it done and your bottom line is protected. For businesses with a larger scale or plans to grow quickly, contract packaging can be a game-changer. Whether it be the outlier order or the fulfillment line that just doesn’t quite fit, outsourcing can relieve that bottleneck.

Perhaps your in-house packaging is simply becoming too cumbersome or requiring too much space or labor. An established co-packer can take that business unit under their roof, and save you time, money, and headaches.

What are the potential benefits of contract packaging?

  1. Cost Savings: Many companies avoid contract packaging because they believe it to be more expensive than an in-house operation. In fact, outsourcing when you have sporadic orders allows smaller staffs. Space once attributed to packaging can now be utilized for manufacturing or warehousing. Supervision once allocated to scheduling and managing a packaging line can now focus on handling your core business. This can also apply to most departments including purchasing, finance, material handlers, quality control, and HR. Contract packagers also offer insight into how to pack efficiently, reduce labor, and employ materials that can cut costs.
  2. Faster Fulfillment: In general, a contract packaging company will be able to fulfill product orders faster and turn orders into completed sales at a higher rate. This opens the door for faster growth and dismisses worries about timeframe or capacity constraints.
  3. Streamline Invoicing: Most contract packagers can provide all your materials at a better cost. Instead of being invoiced individually from your corrugator, chipboard vendor, and label vendor, you can get one invoice for the finished good, bill as shipped.

Professional packaging companies handle kitting, collating, shrink wrapping, blistering, bagging and so much more. Many of the logistical challenges around packaging transportation can also be handled by a 3rd party packer.

If you are experiencing any of these problem areas, or if you just want to upgrade your packaging services, contact our specialists at PAC Worldwide. We can help you determine if contract packaging can open new opportunities for growth in your business.