If you are like me, you probably send gift cards for presents to your family and friends. Why? Well because they are fast and easy to buy and can be placed inside the card, right? But equally as important you don’t have to buy a box, wrapping paper and tape. And that is if you are only hand delivering the present. If you have to mail the package, you also need to buy some packing paper or bubble wrap for cushioning inside the box and pay the hefty shipping charges; Fuggedaboutit.

So it was my Aunt’s 60th birthday last week. She lives out of town and the gift card idea has been getting played out over the past decade or so. I went shopping and found the perfect picture for her kitchen with an antique style frame around it. As I go to the local shipping station to grab a box I realize I have other options to ship this in. I see an Airjacket #5 bubble mailer by PAC that the frame fit in perfectly (and working for PAC of course I am always excited to see our product). As I start walking to the counter, I see an ultra-thick all poly bubble mailer with large ½” bubbles, also made by PAC.   I was pretty sure the regular bubble mailer would have worked, but after looking at the Jumbojacket, there was no doubt in my mind this would protect the picture. It looked like I could run it over with my car and it still would not break. Ok, maybe that would have been pushing it.

Even better, it was half the price of the box, it was 100% recyclable and the final shipping costs were considerably less.  I didn’t even have to purchase additional cushioning for the inside or any tape for the outside.

I simply inserted the frame, wrote the address on the outside, and the gift was on its way.

I received a special phone call from my Aunt thanking me for the thoughtful gesture and…of course, the frame that arrived in perfect condition.  She said she used the easy opening tear string and decided to keep the mailer to send something to my cousins later on.

Ask for the Jumbojacket at your local office supply and shipping stores, I am sure they will be making their way to a town near you very soon.