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Cold Chain Packaging


Insulated Box Liners

Insulated Box Liners

CoolPAC™ cold chain thermal box liners provide the ultimate in protection for shipping temperature-sensitive products such as chocolate, prepared meals, fresh flowers, groceries, pharmaceuticals and more.

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Cold Chain Roll Stock

CoolPAC™ reflective roll stock is ideal for wrapping pallets, lining boxes (A/B liners) and wrapping larger, perishable items.

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Coming soon: Expandable Mailers

CoolPAC™ inflatable mailers expand to up to two times their original size, making shipping temperature-sensitive and fragile products a breeze.

Insulated Mailers and Pouches

When combined with cold gel packs, CoolPAC™ cold chain insulated mailers and pouches packaging combination of reflective film and specialized bubble-lining offers both thermal and physical protection.

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Medjacket Cannabis Packaging

Thermal Pallet Covers

CoolPAC™ pallet covers are ideal for wrapping larger items, and are customizable to protect shipments that vary in size.

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