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Cold Chain Packaging


PAC Worldwide offers a wide range of custom cold chain packaging and frozen food packaging options to meet your business needs. Our liners, mailers, roll stock, and pallet covers are designed to provide the ultimate in thermal protection. Your temperature-sensitive products such as chocolate, prepared meals, fresh flowers, groceries, pharmaceuticals and more will be protected as they make their way through delivery.   

PAC Worldwide is a proud member of the Trex® Recycling Program to help keep waste out of landfills. For more information, visit:


Insulated Box Liners

Insulated Box Liners

CoolPAC® cold chain thermal box liners provide the ultimate in protection for shipping temperature-sensitive products such as chocolate, prepared meals, fresh flowers, groceries, pharmaceuticals, and more.


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Expandable Mailers

Once expanded, CoolPAC® cold chain insulated expanding pouches provide the ultimate in thermal protection.


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Medjacket Cannabis Packaging

Thermal Pallet Covers

CoolPAC® pallet covers are ideal for wrapping larger items and are customizable to protect shipments that vary in size.


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Insulated Mailers and Pouches

When combined with cold gel packs, CoolPAC® cold chain insulated mailers and pouches packaging combination of reflective film and specialized bubble-lining offers both thermal and physical protection.


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Medjacket Cannabis Packaging

Cold Chain Roll Stock

CoolPAC® reflective roll stock is ideal for wrapping pallets, lining boxes (A/B liners), and wrapping larger, perishable items.


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Due to current business conditions, we have adjusted our minimum order quantity to 25,000 units for custom and branded cold chain products.


Cold Chain Solutions

Read our latest whitepaper to learn how couriers, e-commerce retailers, fulfillment, and distribution businesses can understand prominent shipping challenges and solutions using cold chain shipping products.

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