Protection is our priority

From the moment you package your goods to the moment they arrive at your customer’s door, Ecojacket’s durable design protects your items with the same dependability as a standard poly bubble mailer. The fluted interior provides cushioning, while the heat-sealed sides resist bursting. Its pressure-sensitive closing system ensures your goods are secured and protected from tampering, and the addition of an easy pull-tab strip allows customers to access their products quickly and easily.

Passed rigorous testing with flying colors

Here at PAC Worldwide, we know how important product protection is. When designing our unique Ecojacket, we made sure to put its durability to the test. We hold our product to high e-commerce performance standards. To test the Ecojacket’s strength, we ran it through multiple drop and puncture tests. But our testing didn’t stop there. We also put out Ecojacket up against Repulpability Testing Protocol established by the Fiber Board Association of America. We are happy to report that our sustainable mailer aced these tests with no problems.

Say bye-bye to boxes

Boxes are often a go-to option when choosing a packaging product, but they don’t provide wrap-around product protection like a cushioned mailer. This means box-users are spending more time and

money filling their boxes with air-filled pillows or packing peanuts to achieve the same level of protection that could be provided in a single mailer. Not only are these fillers more expensive, but they are also less sustainable and make recycling packaging more difficult. Our Ecojacket’s natural kraft paper cushioning eliminates the need for boxes and fillers, saving your team valuable time packaging your goods and money spent on fillers. This sustainable mailer can be easily tossed in your curbside recycling bin.

Enhance your branding

Not only do you want to know your products are being protected, but your customers do too! Using Ecojacket mailers for your packaging can help create a better perception of your products and brand. Knowing the products they purchased are being shipped in strong and durable packaging will help establish your brand’s reliability and keep customers coming back for more. You can even take it one step further and customize your mailers! Our high-quality color printing capabilities can print even the most complex designs, helping you and your brand stand out from the rest!

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of durability and sustainability, look no further than the Ecojacket. Its design and material not only ensure that your packaging is eco-friendly but also strong enough to withstand anything that may happen during transportation. Step up your packaging game with Ecojacket’s superior durability and sustainability.

Looking for sustainable packaging with durability? Check out our Ecojacket and other mailer options for all your packaging needs!