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Custom Mailers

Products & Solutions

PAC Worldwide offers a wide variety of specialized mailers, packaging, bags & rolls that can be customized for all your business needs. Whether you are looking for a solution for your temperature-sensitive products or for automated packaging to increase your fulfillment speed, our industry-leading technology and packaging solutions allows us to deliver on your business needs. We offer wholesale packaging and shipping for businesses across commercial, industrial, and retail sectors.

Paper Mailers

Ecojacket®: Fully Curbside Recyclable Mailer

The shipping solution that gives you greater control over environmental impact.

PAC Airjacket

Airjacket®: Lightweight Poly Bubble Mailers

Ideal for shipping your items that need a little extra protection.

PAC Jumbojacket

Jumbojacket®: Ultra Thick ½” Poly Bubble Mailers

This extra thick mailer is Ideal for shipping your more fragile items.

Kraft Airjacket®: Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers

Ideal for shipping your items that need a little extra protection.

Flat Mailers


Polyjacket®: Flat Poly Mailers

Ideal for shipping your soft goods and less fragile items.
Wicketed Bags

WicketPAC®: Flat Poly Mailers

Increases your throughput speeds up to 20% and ideal for shipping less fragile items.


Mailjacket®: Rigid Mailers

These mailers are ideal for your “Do Not Bend” shipments such as photos and documents.

Temperature Control Packaging

CoolPAC® offers the ultimate in thermal protection for shipping temperature-sensitive products.

Automated Packaging

PACjacket®: Automated Packaging System

This is the ultimate automated system for high volume e-commerce applications. On average the PACjacket machine produces 15–20* bags per minute with quality, precision, and speed.
Bags & Rolls

Bubble Rolls

Made of a multi-layer blend of co-extruded polyethylene.

Lab Bags

Lab bags are made from durable, moisture and leak resistant co-extruded polyethylene.

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