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Introducing Ecojacket®: Fully Curbside Recyclable Paper Mailer

Our patent-pending Ecojacket® mailers are unique, eco-friendly, conformable, lightweight protective paper padded mailers made from recyclable natural kraft paper. The exterior paper is bonded to a fluted interior paper for effective cushioning protection and is constructed with a bottom fold and strong side seals for superior bursting strength. The paper creates the natural, eco-friendly image you are looking for and our pressure-sensitive self-seal adhesive closure system is reliable, tamper-evident, and easy to use.

Learn more about Ecojacket:


We Are #PACStrong!

PAC employees have helped our communities receive needed supplies while on stay-at-home orders. Check out this video of some of the safety measures in place to keep our employees healthy! Apply online at:


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Cold chain packaging: Keeping your cool, cool

If your business relies on the delivery-based ecosystem, it is vital to ensure that you use the best packaging for the type of goods you sell. If you sell temperature-sensitive products such as meal kits, cosmetics, or electronic devices, you might be wondering what type of shipping material would be best suited for your products.

Could Outsourcing Be the Answer to Your Workflow Problems?

From marketing to sales and fulfillment, packaging problems can begin in one department and quickly affect other areas of your business. Packaging issues will arise, and they disrupt success by monopolizing energy that could be focused on business growth. Streamlining packaging and fulfillment with a knowledgeable contract packaging specialist could be the solution.