When it comes to packaging the phrase “think outside the box” should be taken literally. For many shipments, the traditional cardboard box is not the simplest or most cost-effective packaging method. Yet, many companies are still using bulky boxes to deliver their goods to customers. Here are 5 reasons why companies should think out of the box and get their shipments into a mailer:   

  1. Save on shipping costs. Shipping is a huge expense for eCommerce companies. Mailers cut DIM weights significantly because they are lighter-weight and smaller than boxes. When you calculate the cost savings over hundreds or thousands of shipments, mailers cut shipping costs by a large margin. 
  2. Lower carbon footprint. At first glance cardboard boxes may seem more environmentally friendly than poly mailers, but the numbers tell a different story. Cardboard boxes use 19x more energy, produce 106x more CO2, use 152x more water, and produce 13x more solid waste than poly mailers.  
  3. Reduce packing time and effort. Worker shortages have left warehouses understaffed. Companies are struggling to fulfill more orders with less workers. Poly mailers are much faster to handle and pack than cardboard boxes. The average worker can pack 30-50 boxes per hour, but in that same amount of time they could pack 60-90 poly mailers. Efficiency increases further with the use of wicketted mailers – by 20%!  
  4. Increase customer satisfaction. Your customers shouldn’t have to deal with bulky stacks of leftover cardboard, or purchase shipping tape to box an item for a return. The lightweight, simple nature of mailers makes them favorable. They are quick to open and, when equipped with dual peel-and-seal, they can be resealed and reused with ease.  
  5. They are more recyclable than you think. People sometimes say they like cardboard boxes better than poly mailers because they are recyclable. But Poly mailers are also recyclable at thousands of drop-off sites across the country. In fact, Ecojacket is 100% curbside recyclable, so customers can have the additional convenience of recycling those mailers at home.  

Mailers are a more cost-effective, customer-friendly packaging option than cardboard boxes. They are also easier on the environment and easier to pack. What’s not to love? If you’re ready to get your products out of a box and into a mailer, PAC can help.