We are all aware that many products are made less expensively in Asia primarily due to lower cost labor. We have seen and heard of many jobs moving that direction. While a fair amount of plastics manufacturing jobs have moved off shore, the loss is far less than in other industries. There are two general reasons for this. One is that the labor requirements for plastics processing is not a large percent of the cost. The other more significant reason is that in the US, polyethylene and many other plastic resins come from Natural Gas and in many other parts of the world plastic resins come from crude oil.  Prices for Natural Gas have been relatively constant in comparison to crude oil. Countries or companies that are making plastics from natural gas have a significant advantage over those doing it from crude oil.  This advantage allows US resin companies to even export resin to Asia.  The North American supply of natural gas is immense and has recently grown with some of the newly discovered natural gas.  This bodes well for the plastics industry in the US.  It makes economic sense to buy from manufacturers in the
United States.  Nice!