Where does one start in order to find the right amount of automation for your organization?

 A return on investment (ROI) report that is a collaborative effort between your supplier and your key internal personnel who understand all of your costs of doing business is a great place to start.

I always encourage customers to partner with their suppliers so both companies can work toward a common goal.  It is important to use the past experiences of your supplier to your advantage so they can help you avoid any missteps that customers before you may have encountered.  This will help you save valuable time and money while avoiding many sleepless nights.

A lot of times customers get a feeling of angst when purchasing equipment because they may not have a person on their payroll who they feel would be up to the task of maintaining the system or the fact that they will pay a large sum of money for something that may spend more time down then up and running. 

This is where it is very beneficial to choose the right partner who not only can support you with maintaining the equipment but have a vested interest in making sure that system is always in action and making your ROI hold true.  Companies that supply you automated equipment and also manufacture the raw materials you run through that particular system know there is no “WINNING” if a system sits idle.

PAC Worldwide supplies organizations across all industries with an unparalleled piece of automated equipment referred to as the PACJacket system.  This system allows your organization to drastically reduce the labor burden associated with packaging your products and tremendously enhance the output speed in which you can get items out the door.