If you sell and ship temperature-sensitive items such as food, pharmaceuticals or beauty products you’ve probably struggled with finding the best method to protect your products during shipment. We’re here to help! Below we’ve listed a few of the most popular cold chain packaging products so you can see how they stack up against PACs CoolPAC product.

Cotton Insulated Packaging (virgin, recycled denim)

Cotton insulation is a popular option among eco-minded companies because it can be sourced from recycled denim and then can be recycled again when the consumer is finished with it. But cotton is also very bulky, which means it will require more space to store and will need to be placed inside an oversized box shell. The options for consumers seeking to recycle cotton are limited, usually requiring that they make a special trip to a cotton recycler. As far as insulation value, cotton does not protect from heat intrusion as well as other products, which could result in more product spoilage.

Insulated Panels

A more traditional approach to cold chain shipping is the cardboard box with insulated panels inside. Insulated panels can come in a few different forms, some of which include EPS molded foam, Polyurethane and vacuum insulated panels. These solutions will do a better job at protecting your product from temperature intrusion than cotton. The downside is that they share the same bulky profile without any environmental benefits. Consider this: It would take 5.52 trucks to carry the same number of EPS foam lined boxes as you could fit in one truckload of CoolPAC box liners.


CoolPAC is a sleek and simple thermal material that protects from radiant heat intrusion more effectively than insulated panels, yet it is more flexible and easier to pack. Using CoolPac box liners can greatly reduce DIM weights for both in and outbound shipments and the material takes up far less warehouse space than cotton or insulated panels and their associated oversized boxes. The innovative CoolPac material is versatile because it can be purchased in the form of box liner, mailer, roll-stock and even pallet covers. Box liners and mailers have a quick seal strip that simplifies packaging too. By downsizing box size and bulk, you’ll lower your carbon footprint and reduce packaging waste.

When choosing a cold chain product, it is important to look at the product from many angles. Product cost, shipping cost, spoilage reduction and sustainability are a few of the important things to consider, but don’t neglect user experience and customer satisfaction. If you are interested in learning more browse our CoolPAC product line here.