It is no secret that good packaging design can influence a customer’s purchasing decisions. But what does good packaging mean? Is it the way a package looks, how it feels in your hands, how well it protects the product? Is it about environmental sustainability or low shipping costs or ease of use? The simple answer is, yes. Good packaging is all these things, which is why successful businesses put a lot of thought into their packaging choices. At PAC, we understand that navigating materials, features, and specs of packaging can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing. That is why we are launching our new podcast called Let’s Talk Packaging. Let’s Talk Packaging will feature expert advice to help packaging distributors make the right packaging choices, ones that will keep their customers satisfied and fulfillment running smoothly.   







In its first season Let’s Talk Packaging will feature 8 episodes that answer questions like:  

  • Is stock packaging adequate for your brand message? 
  • Is your packaging memorable? Does it need to be? 
  • How much does sustainability really matter?   
  • How does packaging automation play a role in a growing business?   
  • What is new in cold chain packaging? 
  • How can packaging save you money on shipping?  
  • What do customers expect from a package? 
  • And much more!  

We’ll deliver unique and valuable perspectives from experts in the industry who have worked on packaging with some of the worlds top e-commerce brands. Our expert guests will share honest advice and important considerations around packaging and shipping that can help businesses streamline operations and be more efficient. We hope that this podcast can serve as a valuable resource for knowledge of what makes PAC Worldwide the place that best protects the things people care about!