Technology is not just about high-end electronics or the newest car show trend; it touches every part of our life … including the packaging we see and use.  Paper or plastic is not just a question that we get asked in the grocery line any more.

Packaging manufacturers are working every day to minimize the material they use in packaging.  This of course reduces costs, but also reduces the use of natural resources.  The box, mailer, mailing tube, bag, etc… has been transformed over the past decade, and the work is on-going.  Manufacturing processes have been refined to capture more scrap and reuse it; to run thinner – yet stronger webs, reducing basis weights without sacrificing functionality.

This trend is sweeping from the retail behemoth Wal-Mart to small start-up companies.  They are recognizing the need to reduce the volume of stuff we throw away.  However, this recognition is not easily translated into an actionable plan.  There are not quick fixes when it comes to sustainable packaging. Even that term “sustainable” is constantly being redefined and misused.  Some of the “earth-friendly” marketing that we commonly hear used is:  compostable, bio-degradable, recyclable, sustainable, post-consumer, manufacture reuse, pre-consumer, renewable, zero emissions production … and the list goes on and on.

So where does that leave us when we are faced with a packaging choice.  Talk with the experts.  There is a myriad of packaging choices for different applications and PAC Worldwide has the expertise as well as the passion for innovative designs that addresses the multi-faceted package equation.  PAC’s Design, Engineering and Sales teams address the three keys to the packaging equation:  CostFunctionWaste.

We think globally and act locally.  At PAC, we recognize that doing good for the planet is doing good for ourselves.