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Security Bags


Securejacket™ bags are custom, tamper-evident plastic security bags made from a durable clear or opaque co-extruded (3-layer structure) polyethylene film. These premium quality security banking bags provide a cost-effective security solution to financial institutions, armored car carriers, casinos, check processors, gaming, and national retail store chains for transporting cash, receipts, checks, coins and valuable documents. Securejacket bags are carefully manufactured to meet stringent standards for security and offer advanced tamper detection features.

Environmentally Friendly

Securejacket bags are 100% recyclable poly bank deposit mailers made of #4 LDPE. Lightweight, recyclable security bags can help you decrease your total carbon footprint.

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PAC Worldwide is proud to be a member of the How2Recycle Label Program. How2Recycle is an on-package recycling label developed by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a project of the nonprofit GreenBlue. For more information please visit:

Where to Recycle Your Bubble Mailers

Where to Recycle Your Securejacket Mailers

Curbside - Each municipality has different recycling capabilities, so check with your local service to be sure they can recycle #4 plastics before dropping them in your curbside recycling container.

Grocery Stores - Any grocery store that offers plastic bag recycling will accept Securejacket bags. You can look up the locations in your area at

Return to PAC Worldwide - We will recycle your used security bags!

Advanced Security

All Securejacket tamper evident mailers are manufactured from a tough, 3-layer plastic film and feature a permanent, virtually tamper-proof, VOID adhesive closure system.

SecureJacket track valuables

Track Your Valuables

Each cash deposit bag features a dual unique alphanumeric or numeric bar code with a corresponding perforated receipt on the closure flap and write-on white ink surfaces for labelling and tracking purposes.

SecureJacket sizes and styles

Sizes and Styles

Available in a variety of sizes and styles using clear or opaque film. Choose from a single or dual compartment style bank deposit mailer, which allows for separation of cash and checks.

SecureJacket choose your level of protection

Choose Your Level of Protection

Three levels of durable protection, so you can match the correct security level to the anticipated risk of potential loss.
Bronze: An economical line with moderately tamper-evident, fold-over closures that detect ambient and mechanical temperature tampering.
Silver: A mid-level line with in-line closures plus systems that visually reveal ambient, mechanical and freeze-based tampering attempts.
Gold: Our highest security level line, which includes systems that visually show ambient, mechanical, saliva/water-based and solvent tampering attempts.