When it comes to shipping packages, no other time of year comes close to the volume shipped in the month of December.

On December 13th, FedEx expects to ship 17 million packages in one day, or more than double their normal daily volume.

UPS will ship close to 120 million packages the week leading up to Christmas, and the USPS will ship 800 million letters and packages on their busiest day this year.

These increases in volume, some the best in a decade, are all directly tied to one of the best Cyber Monday shopping days since the practice was started.  It is estimated that $1 billion, that’s with a “b”, dollars was spent on Cyber Monday this year.  That is great news for e-tailers, shippers, and shipping material suppliers.

With that kind of volume going through the system, it really tests the integrity of a package.  You can bet all the companies that do a lot of shipping during the holidays, have vetted out their sources and will closely monitor the results.  No one wants to be the company delivering that hard to get Xbox disc broken, only a few days before Christmas.

When it comes to providing the best customer experience, the companies that get their products delivered on time and undamaged, will be the ones getting repeat customers next year.

Happy Shipping, and Happy Holidays to all!