I received a book in the mail and it came in a rigid cardboard package. It was probably the hardest to open package I’ve ever received. There were no easy tear pull tabs, just one perforated line down the middle of the mailer. So I proceeded to rip the mailer in half along this perforation. As I ripped, I also ripped the invoice in half and part of the paper cover on the book! I ended up having to break out the scissors to get the remainder open as the book was very tightly packed and this mailer was not going to just rip in half as intended. What a pain.

I understand going with paper as it’s recyclable and I understand going with a rigid paperboard or cardboard package for extra protection of the hardcover book binding. But there has got to be a better way.

Luckily PAC was listening. We’ve developed an extra thick poly bubble mailer called the Jumbojacket (5 times thicker than the average bubble mailer) it will not only protect your hardcover books in transit but is 100% recyclable. It also has a very handy tear strip built in which makes opening a snap. Another bonus is it’s water proof unlike paper and bright white which just looks more presentable than brown paper.

Book stores…your problem has been solved!