If you send out various mailings to promote your business, documents, photos, and product literature try using a rigid paperboard mailer.

PAC’s rigid paperboard mailers are called MailJackets. They are recycled paperboard envelopes that are strong, rigid and printable.

Why would I use a Mailjacket over a traditional envelope?   Studies show that people will open a rigid document mailer over an envelope.  We are just more curious about what’s inside.  If it arrives in a paperboard envelope it must be important.

The benefit is your information will get noticed more often.

Did I mention these are made from recycled paper?  Yes – 95% post-consumer content.   So not only are you improving your delivery but you are making a green statement along with it.

Plus these can be printed as simple or as vibrant as you wish to present information or to get noticed even more.

Remember our brand delivers your brand.