The packaging industry creates some of the most interesting and innovative products on the market. However, there’s no question that packaging can be expensive for businesses that need to get their products into customers’ hands.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can save money on packaging without sacrificing quality. Here are three:

Switch from a corrugated box and void-fill to a bubble mailer

Boxes are great for shipping large items like furniture or appliances; however, most products don’t need a large packaging solution, they take up more room than necessary in transit, and they waste resources like cardboard, air pillows, and packing tape.

Padded mailers are an affordable alternative to traditional shipping boxes and void-fill materials. Mailers provide great protection, while also reducing shipping costs, taking up less space on pallets and in trucks. They also help protect fragile items during transit while giving them a professional appearance when they arrive at their destination.

Right-size your packaging

A simple way to cut packaging costs is by right-sizing (or lightweighting) your packaging. This is where you can make sure that your packaging is the correct size for what it’s designed to hold. The larger the package, the more material used and the more expensive it will be.

Too much packaging can increase costs and waste, so consider using the minimum amount necessary to protect your product from damage during shipment. If possible, design your packaging so it can be reused or recycled. For example, consider using dual-peel and seal mailers instead of bulky boxes that must be taped shut.

Automate your packaging

If you’re looking to save money on your packaging while still delivering a high-quality experience for your customers, automation may be the way to go. Automation allows you to eliminate human error and reduce labor costs. This can help reduce waste and ensure that each package meets your standards.

The PACjacket automation system is a revolutionary solution that enables you to cut packaging costs without sacrificing quality. The system allows you to produce bags with a consistent shape and size at high speed, with maximum efficiency. It’s the ideal automated system for e-commerce applications that need to handle high volumes of orders.

Create a customer experience that delivers

Don’t just focus on shipping costs. Think about how your customers will receive their packages. Will they be able to easily open, reuse and recycle them? Will the product arrive in good shape? Will it leave your customer with a positive impression of your brand? If not, you’re not saving money — you’re costing yourself sales and money by making it harder for people to use your product or service.

Packaging should serve as a means to assure customer satisfaction and preserve the integrity of your products. The right packaging solution can help you craft a quality customer experience that also makes good business sense.

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