There is a lot of commonality between different types of packaging, whether we are talking about packaging like the type PAC manufactures (i.e. flat and bubble poly mailers and paperboard envelopes), or other types of flexible and rigid packaging such as plastic and paper shopping bags, corrugated boxes, folding cartons, paper envelopes, plastic containers, adhesive tape, etc.

Basic packaging components and features include:
– Substrate
– Construction
– Integrated features (i.e. closing & opening systems)
– Printing
– Inner packaging
– Outer packaging

Understanding how these common packaging components contribute to the functionality and cost of your packaging, based on your particular needs, will save you money.   This can be accomplished by spending some time with your packaging representative to discuss the physical and performance properties of the key packaging components that account for the majority of the cost of your particular package.

Understanding what you need, and making sure you buy the “right” product that fits those needs, will save you money and the unnecessary direct and indirect expenses associated with poor or excessive product performance.  Avoid buying a product that “more” or “less” meets your needs as this approach will definitely cost you more.