It is the start of another new year.  And while all are abuzz with New Year’s Resolutions, New Goals (personal and professional), let us not forget that “Every day is Earth day!”  I know that may sound cliché and contrived, but when you think about it, sometimes the notion of sustainability and being a “better green corporation or citizen” gets left behind, or becomes a passing thought.  It should be an everyday thought, or even better, put into action every day without even thinking about it.


At PAC Worldwide we do the thinking for you on a daily basis:

  • Flat Poly Mailers: Fully recyclable and made of recycled content
  • All Poly Bubble Mailers: Made with 100% poly (no nylon), so yes fully recyclable
  • Paperboard Mailers: Made of 100% recycled content and fully recyclable
  • PACjacket3: Right size your packages and use less material (less waste), and fully recyclable material.
  • Info: We realize that each, city, state, county has different curbside recycling programs and that is why we have chosen to partner with the How2Recycle program. The more we can educate and help the consumer the more we can achieve the desired goal of everyone, everywhere doing their part to recycle.
  • DIM Weights: While most are a bit concerned (and rightly so) over new DIM weights that have been announced by FEDEX and UPS, we look at this as a great opportunity to look at being “greener”. Look at getting out of the box and replacing it with a flat poly mailer, bubble mailer or one of our many packaging solutions.  Less is more! Mailers take up less space on a truck, less space in a warehouse, and use less resources when being manufactured


So as the year goes on and the New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside and you start hitting and exceeding your annual goals, don’t forget that Every Day is Earth Day and we can help you do your part.