At PAC, our primary objective is customer satisfaction. We listen to the problems faced by businesses that use packaging daily, and then we use our tools and experience to solve them. We are excited to announce the arrival of three new products. Each product was designed with a specific packaging problem in mind and each product solves that problem for our customers. Here’s what you asked for and how we delivered.  

curbside recyclable padded mailer

You asked for: A curbside recyclable padded mailer

We deliveredEcojacket™ 

Ecojacket is a thin paper mailer bonded to a fluted paper cushion, making it very lightweight and curbside recyclable. A bottom fold and strong side seals provide superior bursting strength, and the pressure-sensitive seal is reliableEcojacket is easy to open and sends the message that you care about the environment. It gives your customers an easy-to-recycle, minimalistic package that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Ecojacket can be printed with custom graphics and labels to show off your brandLearn more about why we developed Ecojacket here.

thermal bubble linerYou asked for: A leveled-up cold chain solution

We delivered: CoolPAC Max® 

CoolPAC Max relies on the same convenient system of cold chain packaging as CoolPAC: a cardboard box, thermal bubble liner, and optional frozen gel packs. It has the same convenient features and is just as easy to ship and store. The difference is in the bubble! CoolPAC Max doubles the bubble for even more intense temperature protection. Shipping a longer distance? Shipping during a summer heatwave? Have a super sensitive product? CoolPAC Max provides better temperature retention for those times when your product needs that extra bit of protection from temperature intrusion. 


These two new products are part of PAC’s ongoing commitment to providing sustainable shipping products that solve problems. Even amid global supply chain constraints, we remain committed to finding solutions that make packaging easier for our customers and our planet. To learn more about PAC and our products visit us at: