Integrity – Innovation – Teamwork – Quality Accountability

Any company can come up with a set of values and then throw them up on their website.  Incorporating them into the fabric of your company is what really adds value to your customers.

These core values are found in our quality products, innovative solutions, consistent expectations, world class customer service and sales team, and in the partnerships we form with our customers for all their packaging needs.

I had our HR team reach out to some of our employees to highlight examples of how they incorporate these Core Values into their work:

Integrity—-Angie Johnson, Project Coordinator

“If it’s not right, don’t do it, if it’s not true, don’t say it.”  Author Unknown

“When I have a project, I make sure it gets completed on time and that it accurately matches the customer requirements.  I believe in fulfilling my promise even if it means staying later or coming in early.  I take pride in knowing I can help.”

Innovation —John O’Hara, Systems Analyst

“The PAC IT department and management work closely together to generate creative solutions to significantly improve our company’s performance.  For example Jason Lysakowski, our Systems & Process Analyst used his own initiative to improve our manufacturing processes for tracking scrap, labor hours, and reporting down time. These types of innovations have a positive impact for our customers.”

Teamwork—Chuck Combs, Master Scheduler

“As the Master Scheduler at PAC I have come to understand that it takes teamwork at all levels of the organization to be successful. We are our own customers internally and the teamwork between departments and individuals has continued to develop over the years in a very positive manner. This has allowed for the continued success and growth of the organization.  Our organization relies on this teamwork at all levels to sell, produce, and then deliver quality products every time, on time.”

Quality—-Bobby Ruth, Warehouse Associate

“We make quality products and that quality makes us successful.”

Accountability—-Janice Pillsbury, 3M Account Manager

“We are dedicated to providing an answer or solution to every customer’s request, no matter how large or small.  We strive to meet every expectation and demand in a timely manner and pride ourselves on the customer support and service we provide to all of our customers.  As a company, all of our employees in every department hold one another accountable to meet the goals of our customers.”

We take pride that these Core Values are part of our teams daily work and that it brings exceptional value to our customers.