Ecojacket SoloThis flat, paper mailer is the perfect solution to sustainably ship non-fragile items.

As we continue to make good on our commitment to sustainable shipping solutions, we proudly introduce the latest product in our Ecojacket® lineup — Ecojacket Solo. With the launch of the Ecojacket in 2021, we brought to market a sustainable, curbside-recyclable padded mailer. In 2022, we added the option for extra flexibility to conform to shippable goods with Ecojacket Flex. To round out the line, we’ve created a simple flat mailer that has the same functionality as a flat poly mailer, but scores higher in sustainability. Here’s why we added Ecojacket Solo to our line, and why you should, too.

Sustainable Mailers Increase Customer Satisfaction

When you commit to using sustainable packaging, you make a difference. Curbside recyclable mailers are easier for consumers to recycle and, in turn, keep more packaging out of landfills. Studies show that consumers prefer sustainable packaging and many even make their buying decisions based on the environmental impact of a brand’s packaging.

In addition to being sustainable, Ecojacket Solo provides your customer with the same quality construction, including super strong seals and superior bursting strength. An easy-open pull tab makes accessing products truly hassle-free.

Lightweight mailers save money and increase fulfillment speed

As we like to say:  It is always wise to right-size. When you pick the right size packaging for your item, you reduce DIM weight and shipping costs. If you don’t need the protection of a padded mailer, a flat mailer like Ecojacket Solo can save shippers significant dollars by reducing DIM weight.

Sometimes second only to cost, speed of fulfillment can be a top priority for high-volume shippers. Ecojacket Solo offers an easy peel-and-seal opening and a low-friction interior for speedy fulfillment.  In addition, the material used to construct the mailer is stiff enough to avoid rollover on conveyor belts and assists with product containment.

Are you ready to order sustainable flat paper mailers?

Don’t let your brand’s commitment to sustainable packaging go unrecognized; put your logo directly on the package. Like our other mailers, Ecojacket Solo can be customized using our high-quality color printing process.

Order Ecojacket Solo now in stock sizes for shorter lead times, or get a custom-sized mailer to meet your exact specifications.