If you are a high-frequency shipper, you’ve probably experienced the frustrating consequences of shipping damageWhen products arrive damaged, it not only frustrates customers they also cost you money and time. Fortunately, with proper packaging, almost anything can be shipped safely. And, no, you don’t always have to resort to a corrugated box to get the shipping protection you need. Here is an easy guide to choosing the right mailer product to prevent common types of shipping damage: 

Problem: Damaged or broken product.  

Solution: ½” bubble mailer (5 times thicker than the average bubble mailer). Broken products usually result from the smashing forces caused by other packages in transit. A JumboJacket will add extra cushion to guard against smashing.  

Bonus: Ultra-thick bubble lined mailers are far lighter weight than boxes with void fill, saving you money on shipping while still protecting your product. 

Problem: Crushed edges. 

Solution: Rigid mailer or ½” bubble mailer. Hardback books and decorative boxes often experience this problem because soft mailers don’t have enough rigid protection. You can fix this by using a rigid mailer like the Metallic Airjacket, or a JumboJacket with a ½” bubble.  

Bonus: Metallic Airjackets give your product an extra POP of color for a memorable customer experience.  

Problem: Weather damage. 

Solution: Poly mailer. To protect your products from water damage from the elements, switch from a corrugated box or paper mailer to a water-resistant Polyjacket 

Bonus: Our Polyjackets are 100% recyclable! 

Problem: Heat/Cold Damage. 

Solution: CoolPAC mailers and box liners. CoolPAC is a lightweight, simple solution for temperature-controlled shipping. When combined with gel packs, third party studies show that CoolPAC keeps products colder for longer than EPS foam.  

Bonus: CoolPac takes up far less space than foamlined boxes and is easier to store. 

Problem: Bent documents or photos. 

Solution: Rigid mailer. The Mailjacket provides rigid paperboard protection for bendable items.  

Bonus: The Mailjacket is not only 100% recyclable but made of 100% recycled paper, 95% of which is post-consumer recycled 

Problem: Bursting side seams or closures 

Solution: Expandable mailer with a gusseted bottom. Bulky items need a little more space. The XpandoJacket features aexpandable bottom gusset, heat-sealed sides, and a pressure-sensitive tamper-evident closure for superior bursting strength.   

Bonus: Using an expandable mailer rather than upsizing to a corrugated box will save you money on shipping and over packaging.   

Whatever your packaging problem, PAC has a solution. If you are struggling with products being damaged in transit, contact a PAC packaging specialist today to discuss solutions to keep your valuables protected as they travel to their final destinations.